Revolutionizing Health and Fitness

Fyziio is a performance and wellness studio that offers an integrated approach to optimizing the body. We have combined the disciplines of health and fitness to create a seamless experience. Our cutting edge training programs and classes are backed by science and research to deliver proven results.

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Fyziio Cross Training

A science based approach to group fitness. Fyziio Cross Training Classes are a revolutionary workout experience that is enhanced by science and technology. Train smart and start your transformation to a better you!

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   Personal Sessions

We offer sessions that are conducted one-on-one with a specialist, where attention to detail is always maintained. 


Movement Training

Human health and quality of life depends on the ability to move skillfully and efficiently. Our focus on assessing human movement helps us address dysfunction which can lead to pain, injury, or hinder performance. 


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1350 Reynolds Ave Suite 106
Irvine, CA 92614

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* Upon entering the Reynolds Business Park, stay on the RIGHT side. 


Tel: 949.345.5661

Hours of Operation
Personal Sessions
by Appointment Only
Mon - Thurs: 6 AM, 5:30 PM,  6:45 PM
Sun: 10 AM