Revolutionizing Health and Fitness

"Movement is a medicine for creating a change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states."   


Fyziio is a premium and personalized service offering an integrated approach to physical therapy, fitness, and sports performance. Specializing in human movement, we assess the body as a whole and develop unique programs that keep the body performing at its best.

Premium One on One Sessions

1 on 1

We offer sessions that are conducted one-on-one with a specialist, where attention to detail is always maintained. 


Integrated Training

Movement Training

Human health and quality of life depends on the ability to move skillfully and efficiently. Our focus on assessing human movement helps us address dysfunction which can lead to pain, injury, or hinder performance. 


Evidence Based Approach

Our clinically proven approach delivers results. We continually strive to offer innovative programs by utilizing the latest research and technology, so our clients can achieve the best possible outcome.  


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